The Importance of Travel – a poem by David Greenfield

What is travel worth, to the average woman or man

A trip to somewhere different, such as Kazakhstan

To put a price on travel, is harder than it seems

How can you measure, what is beyond one’s dreams

With each new adventure, your courage grows strong

Feel the music, go ahead and sing your song

Climb that mountain, drink from the river

Life is a forest, Mother Nature our giver

We come to your country, with a mind so open

Curious as a cat, ignorance is the sin

We absorb your culture, little by little

Our brains are blocks of wood, to which you whittle

Friends come and go, like the tides do forever

With each person you meet, the more you are clever

Always making plans to reunite, some day so soon

In Berlin, Germany, sometime around noon

A language so strange, interesting, and unique

It’s amazing what we can learn, in just one week

Can I buy some clothes, some water, something to eat

Speaking your language, is quite a feat

With a pocketful of strange coins, and a mouthful of new words,

We visit the Mayans, the Dutch, the Nigerians and the Kurds

A feeling so strange, mutual as it may be

We are all human beings, it’s easy to see

Racism, Prejudice, Bigotry and Hate

Let’s put an end to them, and learn to cooperate

When your clock stops ticking, for what will you be known

For love and acceptance, or the stones you have thrown

Your country is the greatest, of that you are sure

Take a good look in the melting pot, and give it a stir

Each place is unique, bold, and fascinating

Observing extreme nationalism, can be quite exasperating

When you are old, what will you remember

Your flat screen T.V., or your trek in September

When you look in the mirror, if the view is distorted

Perhaps you should travel, to find yourself sorted

Why don’t we all travel, leave our lives behind

There is risk and reward, neither do I mind

Take some time off, discover who you are

With that success, you’ll surely go far

This poem was written by David Greenberg of and is published exclusively for


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